Special Attractions

Our Playgrounds

Mini Zone

A self-contained play area catering to babies and toddlers ages 0-2 featuring soft play equipment that is low to the ground with extensive padding and no sharp edges. Mini Zone welcomes parents of babies and toddlers to join in the fun directly within the play area.

Kid Zone

A play area designated for children ages 2-7 featuring a 2-story balloon house, motorized revolving rides, slides, a ball pit, spinning palms, a building block room, a giant light-up wall and various rides with slow moving parts. To encourage active participation by parents, this play area has a visually open design with comfortable seating around the perimeter offering a full view of the play equipment.

Big Kid Zone

This is the largest area consisting of a giant 4-story play pavilion for children 4 feet and over (or ages 3-13) featuring a series of colorful tube slides, wave and spiral slides, a ball-pits, obstacles, ramps, and over 20 interactive play activities within.